Useful Sites

From this page, I will link to pieces of information I find useful for keeping chickens, gardening, self-sufficiency, etc. Hopefully, others will find them handy as well.

Backyard Poultry Forums
This forum is terrific for anyone who is keeping chickens whether as backyard hobbyists for eggs, or for breeding and showing in competition. The members are friendly, helpful and very experienced in all aspects of chicken keeping and husbandry.

Greenpet Animal Naturopathy
A great website where you can buy natural medicines, dietary supplements and other products which are useful in keeping your pets and livestock healthy. As a Homeopathy student, I like to use Natural medicines and alternatives wherever possible.

Bellis Info on Fodder Plants for Livestock
This website provides information on what plants make good fodder plants for chickens and livestock in South East Queensland, but as some of the plants mentioned will also grow in other parts of Australia and the world, I have included the link here.

Bellis Living Sustainably
An interesting website, full of information about living sustainably in the suburbs.

Poultry Matters Forum
An Australian forum to promote purebreed chickens and other backyard poultry, share information about breeding and incubation and assist with husbandry and health.


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