Things are changing around here with the ‘dottes and with my life. I don’t like change, and I don’t adapt to it well, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Due to some issues in my home and family life, I have had to disperse my beloved flock of wyandotte bantams. I will be keeping just one […]

October 14 2012

In the garden: I’ve had a busy day today, pottering about in the garden, and trying my hand at something new in the kitchen. It was time, today, to repot my red papaya tree and the parsley was getting pot bound in its little seedling planter as well, so I moved it into the pot previously […]

Real Food Festival 2012

Today, we attended the second annual Real Food Festival at the Maleny Showgrounds. As with last year, I found this event to be a wealth of information. We met up with some  of the same exhibitors that we saw last year (not least being Fabulous Foods Ferment) and also made the acquaintance of some new […]

Rhythms of Life

“The Sun rises and the moon sets and each in their season, turns and returns, world without end.” ~Unknown I don’t know where I first heard the above quote. I believe it was in a movie I watched quite some time ago, and I can’t recall anything about the movie apart from that quote made […]

Frenetic Friday

Have you ever had one of those days when from the moment you got up in the morning, until the sun went down in the afternoon you just felt like you did nothing but run around doing a whole bunch of things but not accomplishing a whole lot? That was Friday at Hensington Palace! We’ve […]