Well, it has been more than a week since I posted about the rooster box that we set up for my beautiful big Australorp Cockerel, ChopChop. He’s getting used to the routine of being put into his box each evening, and let out again in the morning. As far as crowing goes, I only hear […]

Interesting Times

May you live in interesting times. The above is purported to be an ancient Chinese curse or proverb, and it has long been a favourite of mine, but recently, what with the soft-shell eggs problem, and the constant rain which is turning my garden into a mosquito and toad infested quagmire, I am beginning to […]

Of First Eggs and Soft Shells

It has been an interesting and exciting week at Hensington Palace. First the good news. Our little purebred Australorp pullet laid her first egg on Friday morning! I was so happy and proud to see it. I’ve raised this little girl from egg to egg layer and was so pleased to find her little gift […]