Showing Poultry

I’ve been thinking about putting my Australorp pullet, “Chica” up on the show bench to get some feedback from a qualified judge about her type and form. It’s a little daunting to think of this, but she is a very nice looking pullet and I feel she is quite close to the standard for Australorp […]

Of First Eggs and Soft Shells

It has been an interesting and exciting week at Hensington Palace. First the good news. Our little purebred Australorp pullet laid her first egg on Friday morning! I was so happy and proud to see it. I’ve raised this little girl from egg to egg layer and was so pleased to find her little gift […]

Frenetic Friday

Have you ever had one of those days when from the moment you got up in the morning, until the sun went down in the afternoon you just felt like you did nothing but run around doing a whole bunch of things but not accomplishing a whole lot? That was Friday at Hensington Palace! We’ve […]