Meeting the Flockers!

It has been a really good weekend with lots to inspire me about our ongoing projects in the house and garden. On Saturday we went to the home of Green Dean to “Meet The Flockers” and have a tour of his wonderful garden. Dean and his wife, Ashleigh live on a small, suburban block, but that […]

Real Food Festival 2012

Today, we attended the second annual Real Food Festival at the Maleny Showgrounds. As with last year, I found this event to be a wealth of information. We met up with some  of the same exhibitors that we saw last year (not least being Fabulous Foods Ferment) and also made the acquaintance of some new […]

Black Gold!

This is why I love using the deep litter bedding system in my chicken roosts. I use sugar cane mulch as bedding under the perches where my hens sleep at night. This is then scattered with the chickens’ droppings as they sleep, adding nitrates and moisture to the carbons of the mulch. Of course, any […]

Mundane Days

Sometimes I wonder if people ask themselves why I keep a blog. I don’t update it very often, but it is not for lack of desire to do so. Life in the orchard has been mundane for the past few weeks. The chicks are growing, the hens are laying, the days are getting longer, and […]

Rhythms of Life

“The Sun rises and the moon sets and each in their season, turns and returns, world without end.” ~Unknown I don’t know where I first heard the above quote. I believe it was in a movie I watched quite some time ago, and I can’t recall anything about the movie apart from that quote made […]

Showing Poultry

I’ve been thinking about putting my Australorp pullet, “Chica” up on the show bench to get some feedback from a qualified judge about her type and form. It’s a little daunting to think of this, but she is a very nice looking pullet and I feel she is quite close to the standard for Australorp […]