Sick Pickle!

With all of the wet weather we’ve had in the past two months, it was inevitable that we would end up with chickens suffering from some kind of illness. I was prepared for respiratory infections and or Coccidiosis which are the most common wet weather afflictions. Of course, my chickens being unique specimens, they had […]

Goals in 2013

This year my goals are as follows. Cut all four legged animal protein from my diet. Eat less chicken, fish/seafood than in previous years Eat more vegetable protein. Commit to taking better care of myself Commit to taking better care of the environment by recycling more, by keeping more waste onsite and upcycling, recycling or […]

Brash Bandicoot?

It seems that I have got a bandicoot in my garden! On the one hand, I am thrilled about this, because that is an endangered native animal that has decided that my yard is a safe place. We don’t have a dog, and our cats are kept indoors at all times, so that would be […]

My Gentle Giant

Everyone who meets my beautiful Australorp Rooster, Chop-Chop comments on how big he is. Some people tend to find his size intimidating, but he is such a tame, gentle baby despite his size. I introduced him to my daughter, Hannah yesterday. The last time she saw him, Choppy and his hatch mates were only about 8 weeks old and […]