Things are changing around here with the ‘dottes and with my life. I don’t like change, and I don’t adapt to it well, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Due to some issues in my home and family life, I have had to disperse my beloved flock of wyandotte bantams. I will be keeping just one […]

Goals in 2013

This year my goals are as follows. Cut all four legged animal protein from my diet. Eat less chicken, fish/seafood than in previous years Eat more vegetable protein. Commit to taking better care of myself Commit to taking better care of the environment by recycling more, by keeping more waste onsite and upcycling, recycling or […]


Everywhere I go lately, I see, or hear this word. Simplicity. It’s starting to feel like there’s something in it. Some message that I am supposed to be hearing. It’s becoming insistent, hard to ignore when the word shows up over and over and in just about every place I go. What does it mean? […]