Things are changing around here with the ‘dottes and with my life. I don’t like change, and I don’t adapt to it well, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Due to some issues in my home and family life, I have had to disperse my beloved flock of wyandotte bantams. I will be keeping just one of the little hens, my sweet little Bluebelle who is blind in one eye after an infection last year. Apart from her, I will also have my two little Pekin hens, Pickle and Peep. I will be moving to a rental property with my daughter and life will change a lot.

I am trying to keep positive about all of this, but it is not easy.

Of course, with no Wyandottes, the title of the blog may change as well, but I will keep the blog going as there will still be some little feathered ladies living with me, and I will have a garden wherever I go, even if it is in pots.



2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Wyandottes or no wyandottes I hope everything goes well for you in the coming weeks and months. Change can be stressful but it can also be quite liberating. Take what fun you can and do your best to cope with the rest. I look forward to you next posts.

    • Thanks, Laura,

      I am doing my best to be positive about the changes and look for the silver linings. There have already been some good things come out of this, not least being a new name for the blog.

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