Catching up!

Random Acts of Kindness

I have been a bit quiet on this blog for a while now and I apologise for that. It’s not that there hasn’t been plenty going on around the place, I’ve just been busy, or slack about updating the blog.


I am happy to report that the goal I set at the beginning of the year, to remove all four footed animal protein from my diet has been reached! We ate the last of the bacon and mince in the freezer a couple of weeks ago. It is interesting to see how cutting back on red meat consumption has affected me physically. I had my cholesterol levels checked back when I was eating red meat three to four times per week, and the level was 8.1 mmol which put me in a very high-risk category. Two weeks ago, my doctor checked it again, and it has dropped to 6.3 mmol, which is still above the target for me, but only by .1 mmol. Doc says to keep on eating well and exercising and this should reduce further without medication.


I have also been doing well with the Random Acts of Kindness goal. In both January and February I have committed a RAOK twice, rather than the goal I set of one a month. It makes me feel so happy to make someone else smile, so it is a little bit addictive!


We have had LOTS of rain again this January and February. To the point of flooding. We were hit by a tropical cyclone in January which brought down a tree in the orchard. The storm also brought down power lines out on the main road, which left us without electricity for 2.5 days.  The rain has been wonderful for the gardens, but has driven the poor chickens stir crazy as they have spent some time locked in their coops when the ground was just too sodden to let them range. They are out, today and loving all the fresh, green grass!


I am hoping the weather remains fine today so I can do some mowing and prune a couple of trees along the front fence. That should just about wear me out for today!




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