Goals in 2013

Happy New Year 2013

This year my goals are as follows.

Cut all four legged animal protein from my diet.
Eat less chicken, fish/seafood than in previous years
Eat more vegetable protein.
Commit to taking better care of myself
Commit to taking better care of the environment by recycling more, by keeping more waste onsite and upcycling, recycling or putting it back into the ecosystem in a nourishing fashion. (Remember there is no such thing as ‘away.’ Nothing is ever truly thrown away, only removed from sight, where it then becomes someone else’s problem.
do something once a month to make someone else’s day better in however small a way. (Random acts of kindness days)
Meditate, reflect and give thanks. Celebrate this year as my “Half Way There” year. I am turning 50 in August, and that is halfway there to my goal of living to be 100 years old!

To all my Family, Friends, and the regular readers of my blog. May your 2013 be balanced, healthy, green, and rewarding. Not necessarily happy, since Happiness is a relative thing anyway.


2 thoughts on “Goals in 2013

    • It was great to meet you as well, Lizzie. I came home from the meeting all fired up and ready to get into this new adventure. I have already achieved a couple of these goals and it is time to get powering on with some more of them. Thanks for commenting!

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