I stabbed myself!

I managed to stab myself this morning. Urgent trip to the Dr. And two stitches later…

They gave me a tetanus shot when they put the stitches in. It had been more than ten years since my last one. The finger is coming out in a lovely bruise tonight! Pretty sore and a bit iffy for typing.

I was doing the environmentally friendly thing, trying to remove the plastic collar from the neck of a milk bottle. I had tried with scissors but couldn’t get the blade under the collar, so I grabbed a little knife we use here for cutting vegetables…

The embarrassing part of this, is that I was a kitchen hand in a former life, and the number one rule of knife use is “Always work with the blade moving away from you.”

Yes, Chef…

Needless to say, the knife slipped, my right index finger was right in the trajectory and I got a nasty bone deep stab with the business end of the blade (I did manage to cut through the collar in the process, though).

The nurse fell about laughing when I explained it to her and even the doctor was hard pressed to suppress a grin at my expense.
Yep, I deserved it, along with all the jokes Sandra managed to make about leaving me unsupervised with sharp implements.

Gee, a little bit of sympathy of would be nice! 🙂


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