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Green Dean & Friend

Earth is the foundation of all life. Without living earth, the planet and all living organisms would die. For over 200 years, humans have been disturbing and destroying the Earth with poisons, chemicals, synthetic fertilisers and all kinds of disrespectful practices. This has affected every living thing on the planet, impacted on every ecosystem and habitat in the world, and resulted in increasingly lifeless and infertile earth. As a result, world food and agricultural systems are on the verge of collapse. A new system is desperately needed.

Our food is suffering also. This continued disrespect for the Earth has gone on too long, resulting in a food crisis never before seen in history – chemicals and fertilisers being used on a mass scale to prop up barely surviving agriculture; lifeless, sterile, tasteless food travelling hundreds and thousands of kilometres around the world to supply an increasingly ignorant, arrogant and demanding increasing world population; food grown and produced at high social, environmental and economic cost to farmers, producers, workers and consumers; the exploitation of people and habitats; billions of animals, reduced to mere numbers, living in abstract misery and suffering from birth to death; and the demise of human health and wellbeing due to poor food, lack of movement and the unsustainable lifestyle of endless consumption of finite resources, with no awareness of or care for where food and products come from or where they go after use.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that you and I can make a positive difference through the wonders of the internet, social media and the rapidly increasing number of Earth care and environmental groups spreading around the world, using technology to share and spread the essential benefits of a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. This increased information can lead us to learn more, join and connect with like-minded people and groups. It brings a new awareness and connects us with much needed training and education that will enable us to live more sustainably into a brighter future.

The result is our current green revolution, where millions more people are becoming aware of and embracing backyard farming and permaculture, choosing to create urban farms in towns and cities, growing and producing more of our own food and materials, recycling, reusing, repairing and refusing more stuff, and making a stand against major negative impacts on our right to access and consume good food and care for the Earth, such as genetic modification, factory and monoculture farming, exploitation of people, land and animals for profit only, and much more.

The Earth invites you to join that green revolution and be part of something much more than just growing a few vegies in your backyard. That ‘much more’ will be your part in possibly saving the planet, and influencing so many systems that desperately need everyone’s attention, care and commitment to make a better world. After all, the Earth is the only planet with chocolate, so it’s definitely worth saving!

Please develop your green thumbs, hug more trees, get a few backyard chooks, attend some workshops and get involved more deeply with what’s happening in the world of earth and food. It’s your planet too!

– Green Dean

Green Dean Earth & Food is based in beautiful Brisbane, Australia.

We support Southeast Queensland homes and communities to be greener by consulting and education in earth care and food sustainability.

We also support everyone who lives elsewhere in Australia or the world with lots of great info on our blog and Facebook.

What we do
  • Urban Farming & Permaculture Education, Design & Construction
  • Food Education & Sustainability


Green Dean is also founder of The KFC Project – Kindness for Chickens (battery hen rescue and rehab project) and Brisbane’s Winny Street Crop Swap.

Whether you’re motivated to save money, the planet, or both, we’ll help you to

  • Live more sustainably in your home and community with permaculture
  • Design and build your urban farm to grow and produce your own fresh, organic food
  • Reduce your energy, water and waste emissions and costs
  • Live, learn, work and play greener on the Earth

Green Dean
SEQUF – South East QLD Urban Farmers
The KFC Project


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