88 Posts!?

English: This icon, known as the "feed ic...

English: This icon, known as the “feed icon” or the “RSS icon”, was introduced in Mozilla Firefox in order to indicate a web feed was present on a particular web page that could be used in conjunction with the Live bookmarks function. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera and some other browsers have adopted the icon in order to promote a de facto standard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No way! Even I am not that prolific. But I do apologize if you are subscribed to my RSS feed and you were suddenly hit by 88 posts updates today. The thing is, I had decided to import my old blogger posts over to this blog, and I didn’t realise that doing so would flood my RSS with all the posts from the old blog.

There is no need to go scrambling through all the posts, looking for the new ones unless you’re really keen. Many of them were word for word the same as is posted here, and a few of them I deleted anyway for irrelevance.

I just wanted to let everyone know that’s what happened.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the flood!


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