Out and About

Yesterday we had an opportunity to go out on a date for lunch. It was a great day, and we made the most of our time by brainstorming on what we would like to do with our property. This was a dream sheet, so we put all kinds of things on it from planting some micro gardens, all the way up to repairing our well, and building the ultimate chicken coops. It was good to dream!

At the end of the day, though, we revisited our ‘dream sheet’ and actually marked off a few smaller goals which we intend to achieve in the short term. They are:

  • Source ingredients for, and make our own potting mix using the recipe from The Micro Gardener.
  • Sprout seeds (mung beans etc) to add these super nutrients to our diet
  • Buy locally made jams and honey

After lunch, we headed home via Forest Glen and stopped in to visit The Natural Food Store. Wow! What an aladdin’s cave of treasures. 

The store consists of a garden centre which stocks, I am sure, every culinary and medicinal herb known to mankind! Along with vegetable seeds and seedlings, native trees, exotic fruit trees and ornamental plants. There is a coffee shop attached which serves beautiful organic food and fair trade coffees. Next to that, is a small boutique which sells organic clothing. I was particularly taken with some of the bags they had on sale, and wished I had some ready cash with me, but I have plans to return when I do.

The store itself was so wonderful to browse through. I hadn’t seen dry goods stored in bins like this since I was a small child back in the sixties! We spent a good half hour or more just looking through all of the shelves and seeing what was available.

The people shopping there seemed happy and from what I could see the staff lived up to the claim made by the store to being one big happy family. The service was quick, friendly and efficient and even though we only spent a few cents, due to cashing in a $10 voucher we’d received from the Real Food Festival, it was still delivered with a smile.

All in all it was a very enjoyable day out, and so nice to take a break from study to get out in the spring sunshine and revisit our dreams and goals.


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