Real Food Festival 2012

Today, we attended the second annual Real Food Festival at the Maleny Showgrounds. As with last year, I found this event to be a wealth of information. We met up with some  of the same exhibitors that we saw last year (not least being Fabulous Foods Ferment) and also made the acquaintance of some new ones.

One of the main attractions of the day for us, was the talk on Micro Gardening, given by Anne Gibson from The Micro Gardener. We have made various attempts over the years to start our own small vegetable patch, but with both of us being energy poor due to various disabilities (CFS, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis) and time poor due to other pursuits (study, writing, chook obsession), we have not exactly realised our dreams!

Since last year’s Real Food Festival we have implemented changes:

  • Switched from store bought cage eggs  to raising our own chickens and harvesting their wonderful organic, free range eggs.
  • Switched from using margarine to using butter.
  • Switched from buying the cheapest frozen vegetables, to buying only Australian grown and packed frozen vegetables.
  • Taking more notice of food labelling and avoiding, as much as possible, using highly processed, flavoured and coloured foods with lots of preservatives.
  • Switched from low fat/diet products, to using full fat and full sugar foods and beverages. (low fat makes you fat)
  • Switched to using sea salt

However, there is still more that we would like to do, and growing our own fresh produce is really at the top of that list. We are interested in reducing the miles that our food travels, and in having the freshest, most nutritious and seasonal foods we can possibly get our hands on.

So the Micro Gardener talk was top of our list of things to see and do at the RFF today. It was very interesting, and quite amazing to see what can be grown in very small containers.

I came away inspired and want to get started as soon as I can! We have seeds here for beans, cherry tomatoes, nasturtiums, marigolds and various other goodies and no shortage of containers they could be planted in! All I need is good, active soil with lots of happy little microbes in it…

Anne offers a free ebook on her website for those who sign up to her email list which contains a recipe for a good potting mix.

While we have come a long way, we came home from the festival very aware of how much further we have yet to travel, but with baby steps and small bites, I believe we will be even further along the path by the time the next RFF is on!


2 thoughts on “Real Food Festival 2012

  1. Hi Maggie – lovely to meet you yesterday at the Real Food Festival and enjoyed the great discussions about making positive changes … taking little steps. Love your blog and thanks for sharing mine. If I can help you with your micro gardening adventures, let me know! Look forward to staying in touch and pics of your new gardens very soon! Here’s the link to my post on potting mixes to give you some further tips: Enjoy. 🙂

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