Perosis or Slipped Tendon in young chick

A sad part of keeping and breeding any animal is having to make hard decisions when something has gone wrong. We had that situation today and I had to make that hard call and put down a chick that had a defect.

The chick was either hatched with this condition, or it contracted the condition shortly after hatching.

There was really nothing else we could do. As hard as it was, I know that I made the right decision for this little one.

After it was done, I held the tiny one in my hands and made a silent prayer committing his spirit to Mother Gaia. I cried for a little while, then went to spend some time with our little mother hen and her chicks and that helped to ease the sorrow of the loss.

Mother Gaia, may it never become ‘easy’ to send one of your children into your arms.
Please give us the mercy of your sunshine and the kiss of your breezes on our skin to remind us that though death is always with us, life is eternal also.


One thought on “Perosis or Slipped Tendon in young chick

  1. Your prayer is truth and beauty. You know, I wonder if that is what our little Princess Puny had. She recovered, amazingly, but she remains smaller than the rest, and, curiously, shorter in the neck than her sister Ameraucana. Just the other day I was reading advice on culling. OHMY! I will pray on it.

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