My Gentle Giant

Everyone who meets my beautiful Australorp Rooster, Chop-Chop comments on how big he is. Some people tend to find his size intimidating, but he is such a tame, gentle baby despite his size. I introduced him to my daughter, Hannah yesterday. The last time she saw him, Choppy and his hatch mates were only about 8 weeks old and […]

Rhythms of Life

“The Sun rises and the moon sets and each in their season, turns and returns, world without end.” ~Unknown I don’t know where I first heard the above quote. I believe it was in a movie I watched quite some time ago, and I can’t recall anything about the movie apart from that quote made […]


Well, it has been more than a week since I posted about the rooster box that we set up for my beautiful big Australorp Cockerel, ChopChop. He’s getting used to the routine of being put into his box each evening, and let out again in the morning. As far as crowing goes, I only hear […]

Showing Poultry

I’ve been thinking about putting my Australorp pullet, “Chica” up on the show bench to get some feedback from a qualified judge about her type and form. It’s a little daunting to think of this, but she is a very nice looking pullet and I feel she is quite close to the standard for Australorp […]

Rooster Box

I mentioned at the end of my previous post that my nextdoor neighbour had come over to my place on Saturday with an idea for a possible rooster box to put ChopChop our remaining rooster into at night time in an attempt to keep him quiet in the mornings. Not that Choppy crows all that much anyway, […]

Rooster Ruckus

Those who follow this blog regularly will know that I hatched three chicks back in October of 2011 and that I then spent the past 5 months or so raising them to maturity. My hope in hatching them had been that I would get replacement hens for my laying flock, and also some breeding stock […]

Interesting Times

May you live in interesting times. The above is purported to be an ancient Chinese curse or proverb, and it has long been a favourite of mine, but recently, what with the soft-shell eggs problem, and the constant rain which is turning my garden into a mosquito and toad infested quagmire, I am beginning to […]