Rainy Days and Reading Materials

It is a rainy day today, so all the Hensington Hens are inside for the day. They’ve had some roasted pumpkin this morning though, so that helps to compensate them for being cooped up all day. They do love it and I have found some cheap pumpkin for sale locally again recently so they’re getting a roasted breakfast twice this week, much to their delight!

For my own entertainment, well, there’s studies to catch up on, of course, and I am getting on with that, but I also went shopping online for some books. Naturally, these won’t arrive in time to be enjoyed today, but I am hoping to have them when I am on a couple of weeks break from College in January.

Chook WisdomThis is the first book I ordered. I’ve had my eye on this for a little while, and finally decided to bite the bullet and order it, today when I was doing some online Christmas shopping.  

Back cover: Is there anything to match the quiet sense of satisfaction you get from watching your healthy hens pecking and scratching in their yard or tun?[sic] The sheer joy of peeking into the nesting box and discovering your first chook egg is something everyone should experience. If you already have chooks, we know you will delight in the colourful images of backyard chooks. If you’re new to chooks, enjoy, but please don’t acquire any chooks till you’ve built a secure, fox-proof hen house!

The second one is a companion to the first.

More Chook Wisdom

Back Cover: Have you ever idly daydreamed about keeping a few chooks in the back yard? Maybe you remember from your childhood how delightful it is to watch their antics, collect their eggs, and have them as part of the your lifestyle? You’re holding the perfect guide to keeping chooks. This is the companion volume to the phenomenally-successful ‘Chook Wisdom’ which brought colourful, accessible, chook-wrangling information to tens of thousands of back yard chook fanciers. In ‘More Chook Wisdom’ you can expand on your knowledge, inspiration and ideas for keeping chooks. There’s natural health care, tips on chook pens to build or buy, and best of all, loads of ‘user experiences’ from from[sic] people living the chook lifestyle right here and now. Whether you’re new to chooks or already enjoy their delights this book will be a treasure on your bookshelf and vital in the chook pen. You don’t need a massive back yard to keep chooks – a few Silkie bantams will live happily in a modest run. But if you have the space for a flock of Light Sussex or other large breeds – that’s all here too. Now is the perfect time to bring chooks into your days. The rewards are great. Chooks are cheap and simple to keep, and they’ll enrich your back yard soil, your recipes, and your back yard entertainment for years to come.

I’m looking forward to getting these, and reading them and as usual, will post my thoughts about them when I have finished.

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