Animals in the role of healers

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Animals have an uncanny ability to reach out to humans when we are suffering. As a child, I had a dog who would come and lie on my bed if I was ill. She would also sit by me and lick my hands if I was crying…okay maybe it was because she was attracted to salty tears, but maybe not.

I have written elsewhere on my blog about how I believe my chooks have assisted me in overcoming depression, and by keeping me busy and outside being active, they’ve also helped a lot with my arthritis.

Many hospitals and hospices today, have ‘pets as therapy’ programs in place where animals are permitted to visit the elderly, the infirm and the sick with very positive result.

The story below is just one more that affirms this.

Man credits goose with helping him live longer – Health – Pet health –


5 thoughts on “Animals in the role of healers

    • The story about dogs being able to smell cancer and now being used to detect it, was on the news tonight, just an hour or two after I posted this blog. It is very interesting and I hope that it will lead to more early detections of cancer.

  1. It never ceases to amaze me the way animals; through their unconditional love and gentle knowing way, can give us strength to get through the hardest times, both physically and mentally. I would be lost without my three dogs and two horses. They are my children now that my kids are grown. They seem to sense when I am without strength or when the pain is bad…they just know, and that is the time they come to me, lay their heads in my lap and just sit with me. Its truly amazing. They also know when I should be more mobile and they relentlessly pester me ever so gently to get up and walk. The horses are gentle around me and let me lean on them if I become weak in the pasture. Its beautiful the way they relate to us. Thank you for your post.

    • Thank you for your comment and sharing your story with me. I have one little chicken that follows me all over the place when I am in the yard. She walks right at my left heel the way a dog would and she comes to the door and calls me if I am inside. She is a treasure! I don’t have a dog, but I do have one little cat, also and she will come for cuddles if she thinks I am moping and try to get me to play with her, too.

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