Sweet Relief!

Today is such a sweet relief from the earlier part of the week for us here at Hensington Palace! It has been very hot this week and the chickens have suffered a bit from heat stress, as I mentioned in my previous post. We’ve also had our Sussex hen, Bertha thinking about going broody on us again and she’s hogging the nest.

Since we only have one nest box, this tends to lead to a situation I have taken to calling the “Occupy Nest Box”  movement…

There are three hens in the box, and another one trying to find room to squash in there. I think I will need to sin-bin Bertha for a few days until she gets over it. I can’t have any more chicks at present as we are agisting 13 chooks over the Christmas holidays for a friend who is going overseas.

That should keep me occupied for six weeks!

This is just a very brief update today as I need to get started writing an essay for Uni.

Hope everyone is safe and well and all the chookens are laying!


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