Guest Blog: Bagurk Munkeys!

Bagurk, Munkeys! My name is Rosie Red Hen and since I was the victim of the series of events that took place yesterday, I’ve been asked to cluck you the story in my own bawks.

It started out like any other day in Hensington Palace. Me, Wynona and Boss were up with the sun as usual, and looking for something to eat. We chatted like we usually do, about the state of Chickin poluhtucks, whether Bertha is ever going to get out of that funny looking bawx the munkeys gave her weeks ago, and what is she doing in there sitting all day anyway? We gave up asking her about it buckaws all she does is growl as soon as one of us even looks at her!

After many many hours, the munkey that looks after us, finally came to open the door for us so we could get out of the boring shed and go exploring the wild jungle outside. I really don’t know why the munkey keeps us locked in all of the time anyway! We are jungle birds and jungles is our thang! Anyway, she opened the door, but then she came inside our prison and shut the door behind her! What was that munkey up to?

Well, that cheeky munkey stole the eggs out of the nest, but I was clever and had not left one in there yesterday, well not at that time, anyway so she didn’t get mine. But then she went out of the jail shutting the door behind her! and went into the other shed where we used to roost. She came back after a while, carrying a big white thing that smelled like a food bucket and made a noise like leaves blowing in the wind. The munkey scratched at the white thing with one of those funny claw things they use that are sharp, and sparkle like when the sun is flashing on the water in our drinking bucket. After she scratched the white thing lots of times, well the most amazing stuff came spilling out onto the floor. It was soft and rustly like the gruss gets when the big munkey on the roaring animal comes and makes all the gruss fall down on the ground… I like it when that munkey comes to our jungle, we find lots of juicy things in that fall down gruss after he’s gone!

So, all the stuff came spilling out on the floor and we just couldn’t help it! We had to get into it and start scratching and kicking it around. There were some good bits of grit in amongst it, and lots of little things to peck at and taste. That was fun and it must have lasted about 12 hours I think, and then the sun came out and the munkey opened the door! We was free!

But, that’s when the strange thing happened!

I was down near the shed with the funny yellow thing in it that sits over the deep deep hole that smells like water is all the way down in there. I was scratching and pecking and having a debate with Wynona about whether ants taste better than bees, when suddenly, something came falling out of the sky and hit me right on the middle of my back! Baguuuuck! I flapped my wings and jumped turned around to peck Wynona buckaws I thought she sat on me… There was a thing lying on the ground. A yellow thing, that looks like the things that grow on the trees near that shed with the deep water hole. I have eaten those things before, so I thought I might as well have a taste. Sure enough it was one of those things. It must have falled off the tree.

Wynona said it was not a fall down thing, but she saw one of the munkeys have a taste of it, and spit it on the ground, and the munkey was squawking about it and making a racket so the other munkey took it off her and made it fly up in the air and come after me. What silly chick stories! Munkeys almost never spit tasty things on the ground, and they don’t make things fly and come after chickens! Well only things like cawn and wheet, sometimes.

I think the yellow thing just falled off the tree and hit me because my munkeys would never hurt me on purpose…and anyway, it was just very big chick story Wynona told me to distrakt me so she could steal my yellow fall down thing and go and eat it up the yard all by herself, that greedy chook!

Oh if you munkeys don’t know what kind of yellow thing I meant I will get the munkey to put a pickcha of one here.

So that’s my story in my own bawks. I hope you liked it. Peck the button to cluck back if you did!

Rosie Red Hen


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