Hello Again!

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It has been a while since I posted anything on this blog, and I am kind of sorry about that. As you might have noticed, if you were a regular follower of this blog, my life took a turn towards more ‘offline’ pursuits in my last few posts.

With the advent of chickens into my life, I have begun to embrace a lifestyle that is somewhat closer to the land and further away from the keyboard. I’ve been busy keeping chickens, creating compost, growing milk cultures, learning about fermenting food, such as sauerkraut, kefir, and other delights. (not that I have made any yet) and just all in all, practicing a more holistic lifestyle.

I am embarking on a degree in homeopathy, getting in touch with nature, and finding love and light in all of those things. There’s a lot to be said for following your bliss!

With Spring well and truly underway here in Australia, I have a hen who wants to hatch chicks and that is my current project. I received fertile eggs for her in the mail today, and will be setting her with them tomorrow night.

All of this means that this blog is a tad neglected, but I will try and touch base here more often. My posts may take a less philosophical bent, in favour of a more pragmatic one, but I hope that they might still be inspirational for all of that.

Love and Light!


4 thoughts on “Hello Again!

  1. I just got into backyard chickens this year. I planted and orchard too. The chicken find a lot to eat there. I don’t put much through the disposal either anymore. I’m growing some giant sunflowers. Do you think they’ll eat sunflower seeds?

    • Hi Prepster,
      Chickens really like sunflower seeds. I am growing some for my chickens as well, but be careful with how many you feed to them as they are quite high in fat content, and the chickens view them as equivalent to candy. They will eat sunflower seeds in preference to their proper, balanced diet and thereby miss out on good nutrition. Save the sunflower seeds for special treats and make sure your chickens get a good balanced diet and some free range time each day. Congratulations on getting into backyard chickens! They are amazing!

  2. Most table scraps are enjoyed by chickens, although, like anyone they do have their personal preferences and will like some things better than others. I make a “Warm mash” for my chickens once a week that I make by boiling a mixture of table scraps, oatmeal, bread (not too much bread, though!) apple cores and I also add a little milk, or some yogurt or even an egg to it. My chickens really enjoy this treat, especially in cold weather and it’s a good way to use up scrap food.

    The only scraps I don’t feed to my chickens are onions and raw potato as both of these have been known to cause problems because of toxicity. Onions in the diet can also ‘taint’ the eggs with onion flavour.

    I recommend the forum at http://forum.backyardpoultry.com to all people keeping chickens, whether it is just for eggs or for showing your chickens in competition. There is a wealth of information to be found there!

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