Making EM Culture!

The past few weeks, I have been conducting highly classified, secret business! I didn’t say anything about it until now, because this was the first time I had tried this recipe and I didn’t want to embarrass myself if I created a horrendous zombiefied lactobacilli based monster and unleashed horror upon the world.

Yes, I was trying to culture lactobacillus, amongst other organisms for my bokashi bucket. Being on a pension, I try to do everything as frugally as I can, and am slowly teaching myself never to buy what I can make for myself, so, following THIS RECIPE I decided to try and make my own EM (Effective Microorganism) innoculant for bokashi composting. I was a bit worried that all I would end up with, would be a sour, stinking mess, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

A couple of weeks ago, when we were going to eat rice for dinner, I washed my rice and reserved the water, setting it in a large jar in a dark cupboard for 7 days.

It came out, looking something like this

So, first part, successful! Now I had to add 10 parts milk, to 1 part rice water. I measured out 100ml of the water, to which I added 1 litre of milk, and back into the cupboard it went for another week.

That part came out looking like this:

Snapbucket,Sunshine coast

Not the most appealing looking stuff!

I admit, I expected this to smell revolting, even though the recipe said that it should just smell like yoghurt, and I was surprised when I took the lid off, to discover it did actually smell just like, well, yoghurt! So that was looking good! I then strained out the solids from the liquid and put the liquid into another bottle which I added half a teaspoon full of molasses to.

There was a little fluid left over after filling the new bottle, so I poured that onto some potted plants as it is meant to be good for the soil.

Snapbucket,Sunshine coast

It looks a lot nicer in this, final state, and it should keep for about 6-12 months under refrigeration. It smelled sweet because of the molasses and if it ever smells sour, it will mean that it has gone rancid and should be discarded.

Oh, as for the milk curds?

Sunshine coast,Snapbucket

The chooks got to enjoy those!

Poor Bertha, she still doesn’t understand about food and fences!


One thought on “Making EM Culture!

  1. Hi MaggieGood connecting with you at the Real Food Festival.Thanks for sharing this valuable informationI will have a go at making the culture when I have a minute. Life is full on at the moment I have a stall at the Pathways to Healing Expo at Woodford next weekend. I will be doing some demonstrations on making sauekraut and beetkvassBe well, Rosanna

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