The Garden

I was a bit sore and sorry today after yesterday’s efforts in the yard, so I confined myself to lighter activities such as photography and light housework. I thought I would share some photos of our garden. This is the first year that we have tried having a serious vege garden as opposed to growing a couple of lettuces in a pot.

Roma Tomatoes      

They’re floweing!  
Dwarf Peas  
Various Lettuces
Pumpkin seedlings

These are just the first few things we have planted and we’ve already eaten a few leaves off some of the lettuces. They’re very tasty and soo fresh! Free Range egg and home grown lettuce on a sandwich. It doesn’t get any better than that.

I also took photos of some of the other plants in our garden.

Sunflower Seedlings sprouting for the chooks

The flowering Mulberry tree!
A native honey bee pollenating the mulberry blossom  
More Mulberry flowers
Young Marigolds
Mango blossom  
Budding Jasmine  
Not sure what this is called, but it’s pretty!

2 thoughts on “The Garden

  1. I'm soooooo envious of your lovely sunshine and big nature fruit trees. Especially the mango. I adore mangoes!!!! Yum!! Still getting morning frost down here…sigh. The last flower pic is a bougainvillea I think…a climbing plant? Loving your garden.

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