Australorps: Black Beauties

Illustration from American Australorp Breeders website

In my daydreams, where I live in a perfect world and have unlimited time, budget, space and most importantly, health. I breed these chickens.

Australorps are a breed of chickens which was developed in Australia and is suited to Australian conditions, particularly extremes of heat. They are a dual purpose chicken.

Colour of Australorps is predominately black, with a ‘beetle green’ sheen to the feathers in sunlight, but there are other colours as well, including blue. They come in standard size and bantam and their temperament is tame and shy. They’re great chickens for backyard laying birds.

I have one hen in my flock which is an Australorp “Utility” meaning that she is a hybrid/crossbreed with another variety, possibly brown leghorn or Rhode Island Red. My black hen is the ‘alpha’ hen of my flock and her name is “Boss,” accordingly.

Boss not long after we got her as a POL hen

 This is a photo of Boss not long after we got her.  In this photo, she had not yet developed a big red comb because she wasn’t yet laying. She is very close to the look of a ‘standard’ Australorp, but she has orange eyes (most ‘lorps have dark/black eyes) and there is some brown feathering on her chest, which is not very clearly visible in this photograph.

She is a sweet little thing and takes her position as boss hen very seriously. She has even pecked me once when she thought I was taking too many liberties in the hen house!

I love her personality. She is indomitable and funny, and quite the larrikin when she wants to be.

Boss being a funny chookie!

The photo at right is my favourite picture of Boss. She was caught in the act of leading her coop mates into the out of bounds driveway. If it is possible for a chook to look guilty, then this photo is it!

Maybe one day, I will have my flock of ‘lorps and by then, Boss may be just a distant memory, but in the meantime, I am happy to have this fiesty little hen in my flock and in my life.


3 thoughts on “Australorps: Black Beauties

  1. The boss in my old Bok Flock was a black bantam astralorp, Astrid. She was my favourite following me everywhere and standing calling out to the school kids going by our gate in the mornings. I now have 2 blue astralorps in my new flock. Couldn't bear to get another black. I miss Astrid so much.

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