Yesterday, Sandra and I went to the Brisbane Exhibition, more fondly known in Brisbane as “The EKKA.” This is the equivalent of what people in the USA might know as a Carnival, or County Fair and it had been years since I went to the Ekka.

Sandra had never attended, so it was a first for her. I love to go and see all of the crafts and fine arts, the animals and livestock, and the rides and bright lights of “sideshow alley.” Even though I don’t go on any rides, or play the games in sideshow alley, I do like to have a look, sometimes. I wasn’t planning to go into sideshow alley this year, because it is usually very crowded and can be noisy, but then I discovered that I needed to, in order to complete a ‘trail’ and receive a free gift, so we wound up going in there because I had to ‘visit’ three of the rides. Not that you’d get me onto any of them in a pink fit! LOL. Still, the prize was a free bottle of Dare Iced Coffee and because I love Iced Coffee I wanted to complete the trail for it.

We spent almost the whole day at the show and had lots of fun looking around. Here are some of the photos we took.

A newborn lamb in the Little Miracles New Born Corner Exhibit

If you are very lucky when visiting the New Born Corner, you may get to see a lamb being born.

We were not so lucky. The lambs are still cute, though.

A Miniature Horse

White Japanese Quail in the Poultry pavillion

A beautifully decorated cake.

Grand Champion Cake Decorating entry

Grand Champion Cake Decorating Entry

One of the rides in Sideshow Alley

Thrills and spills on sideshow alley!


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