It has been very cold and windy today. July is starting to live up to its old nickname of “Windy July” for us at present. I didn’t let my chickens out of their coop today, a fact which disappointed them a lot, but they were soon consoled when I tossed some baked pumpkin into the coop to warm them up!

Sandra and I spent some time out in the chilly westerly wind, digging over our new potato bed and trying to get it all turned over and ready for potatoes to go into it in a couple of weeks. We have the seed potatoes in a box on the back patio hoping they will go to seed soon so that we can plant them. The chickens benefitted from that as well when I captured a few tasty, fat worms to toss to them in their cage, resulting in a comical round of chasing and squabbling. Boss chased Wynona around in circles until they were both worn out, trying to snatch a fat, sleepy winter worm from Wynona’s beak. She was unsuccessful though, Wynona can sure sprint when she has to. LOL!

Yesterday, Sandra and I went to Sandra’s mum’s house to meet with a couple of relatives, I think the younger of them was Sandra’s 3rd cousin, from South Africa. We went out for lunch, and then took a short stroll along the Maroochy river after lunch and I managed to snap a few photos of early young magpies.

baby magpie

Juvenile magpie

A kite eating tree…

Kite eating tree

And some boats for hire on the Maroochy River

Hire boats on Maroochy River

It was really lovely on the river, but we ran out of time as we had lingered over lunch, and we had to hurry back home so that our visitors could catch their train back to the city.

I enjoyed the day, though and loved listening to Paula and her grandmother talk. They are from Johannesburg and have such lovely South African accents!


2 thoughts on “BRRR!

  1. Hi Robyn,

    It’s a deal! Although there is a definite taste of spring in the air today. The wind died down and the sun was out. I was actually a little too warm sitting in the yard after lunch, and had to come inside. lol!

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