It seems as though…

These days, blogging is taking up less of my time and thoughts than it used to. I feel somewhat troubled by that, because it used to form such a major part of my daily life not so very long ago. Thinking back on that, though, I have to admit that the times when blogging was a large part of my life were also times when I was least happy with the state of my life.

In fact, I actually commenced blogging during one of the darkest times — when I was first diagnosed with clinical depression back in 1998. At that point I was in an unhappy marriage, my mother had passed away a few months earlier, I was struggling to live a life that was a complete lie, and… well, I guess I needed the outlet, then.

These days I am in a different place. I am happier, dare I say it, I am content with where I am, with who I am and with what I am doing, but at the same time, I recognise that I have made wonderful connections with some fantastic people via these pages where I have expressed my deepest and also my shallowest thoughts. It’s something I don’t wish to lose, but it’s also something that requires time, thought, and effort, and I am putting most of those three things into other pursuits just now.

There are my chickens… the beloved rainbow flock…


There is my garden…




And yet, I still find that I want to write blogs, and stay connected with the friends I have made through this medium. I don’t have as much time as I would like, but I still feel that this is an important outlet for me, even if I just post a photograph that I snap during my day in the garden, or a snippet (with photos) of some activity I have taken part in during the week, it is better than nothing. It might not be as indepth as I might have written, even a year ago, but it’s still a blog, I guess.

I just need to try and remember to do it so that I don’t wind up with so much to tell about that it feels overwhelming so I never start.

I hope my readers will forgive me for not writing the long, and (sometimes) thoughtful posts I used to write, but perhaps, it will help you to know that the reason I no longer write them so often is that I am happy. My wandering heart has found a home and that is a very good thing!


4 thoughts on “It seems as though…

  1. Hey, Mags! Yes, it does seem that way with so many of us, doesn’t it? Blogging during the dark times, and letting it slide during the good. I have the same problem. But I try to force myself to post something new, even if it’s only once a week.

    But your chickens, garden and offspring are more important, and right now, that’s as it should be. It’s nice to hear from you now and then, and I’ll always consider you a friend.

    Robyn Jane

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