Plans for 2011

Things are beginning to come together with much thought and reflection. I’ve been seeking my inner guidance this past week or so and this has brought me to a place where I have made some decisions about what to do for this year.

I feel that I am on the right path with this. All of the indications point to a big YES as I have mediatated, prayed and journaled about where I want to go. It’s always been a source of the greatest wonder to me that when I send out the great “Unknowing” into the universe without critique and without demanding to understand, that the universe responds to that with an answer. I used to hate uncertainty and was uncomfortable with not knowing, with doubt, with having more questions than answers but over time I have learned to take a more relaxed approach and when I don’t know I allow myself to not know.

Right up until yesterday, I didn’t know for sure which direction I would take, but I kept reflecting and stayed with the uncertainty, just letting it be, and being with it while I waited for clarity. Clarity came in a series of events both external and internal to me.

First, the flood crisis in Queensland left me frustrated in not being able to do anything to help due to the distance, and my disabilities. Then, I had a conversation on an online forum about that and expressed my desire to be involved in some capacity of ministry such as chaplaincy or similar. That led to my being put in touch with someone who spoke words of such encouragement that I took a bold step and sent an application to a the Australian Red Cross and mentioned in it, that I wish to work as a chaplain. I felt that the “Nod” was given to this action by God/Universe and now I am waiting to hear back.

My studies were another area of uncertainty. I had been vascillating between this, and that course, this or that degree, but yesterday in a flash of certainty I decided that I will change my course and will pursue a Batchelor of Arts, Religion Studies Major. Again, I felt a universal YES to this action and I am very much looking forward to commencing my studies with the Open University Australia.

I saw my doctor today to get some paperwork pertaining to studying filled out and also to get the blood test results and was delighted to hear that my cholesterol levels have dropped by 50% since the last time he tested them.

I sense the truth in the Scripture passage which says “All the promises of God are YES and AMEN!” today.

Yes. So let it be.


8 thoughts on “Plans for 2011

  1. Thanks, Sherry. Life is slowly getting back to normal, but they’re predicting that there could be more flooding in March. People are trying to get on with it, but you can see the strain in their faces every time it rains, atm.

  2. That’s really beautiful and so well expressed, Myfanwe. I feel that you’ve captured the heart of faith, positive action, humility, patience and love in your perspective and life choices. Your response has caused me to reflect on the fact that we have already been given the answers and by taking a step into the unknown we find them reflected back to us. In a sense our actions mean that the universe can lovingly open the path to us and accommodate those great desires of our hearts. We create what needs to happen and the universe applauds with joy when we are united with the common good.

  3. Good luck with your studies. Finding a goal and pursuing it, knowing that you’ll have something rewarding at the end, even if you aren’t quite sure what that reward is going to be is so worth the journey.

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