It is Well…

We had our grass mowed today, and I sat by the open window with the scent of freshly mowed grass drifting in on the balmy summer breeze. It was such a contrast to last week when it just rained and rained. You’d be forgiven for thinking the floods of a week ago were a figment…except for the still rising death toll as the police and army continue to search Grantham and the Lockyer valley for the missing. They found another deceased person today, taking the total to 20. It’s so sad.

And yet, there are signs of life returning to the city, and towns that were hit by the flooding. People are going back to work, getting on with business and picking up the pieces as best they can. My sister has been allowed to go back to her house, and we’re grateful that she didn’t lose anything. Apart from a lot of mud around her home, everything there is fine. Stories of survival, miracles, the treasures found that the floods didnt manage to wash away, are helping to lift people’s spirits and restore a sense of hope amongst the wreckage.

Anna Bligh said last week: “We’re Queenslanders. We’re the ones they breed tough, north of the border. They knock us down and we get back up…”

It looks like she was right. There’s a long road yet to walk, but we’re stepping out upon it and we have smiles on our faces.

I started the day feeling a little blue, but then I decided to ignore that. What have I got to be sad about? I didn’t even get my feet wet last week, and so many people have lost everything they possessed. Some have lost the most precious possession of all–their lives. I had no reason to cry, unless it was in sympathy, and as one man said on the news: “We don’t need tears, there’s been enough water around here already.”

So I got off the computer and got into my books and studied. I sat by the window and let the breeze carry the scents of summer to me as I worked, and I found reasons to rejoice.

Just like the woman whose wedding dress was found, still in good condition, or the widow, whose engagement and wedding rings were found in the mud on her bedroom floor, or the man whose daughter and granddaughter were found safe and well in an evacuation center. I looked at our house, our freshly mowed lawn, the birds splashing in a flowerpot full of water outside the window and my soul was restored.


It is well with my soul.


2 thoughts on “It is Well…

  1. Thank you so much… for your story and especially for the hymn.. for your courage in the midst of the disaster, which has touched all of us – whether our homes of businessness were flooded or not.


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