More Flood News

As of this morning, the official death toll in Queensland, Australia stands at 12 with 67 still unaccounted for (down from 90). Two more bodies were located in the Grantham area early today, both males and neither of them had been previously listed as missing.

There are still grave concerns held for the safety of 11 people on the missing list.

Evacuations are underway in parts of Brisbane city as flood waters continue to rise in the Brisbane river. Ipswich city CBD has been inundated as the Bremer river broke its banks this morning.

My family in Brisbane and Rockhampton are safe at this point. I have two friends unaccounted for in Toowoomba but presumed safe at this stage, as their house is located away from the worst affected area of the city.

Please keep Queensland in your prayers and also pray for Southern states, New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria who can expect some fall out from this disaster as flood waters will continue to move southwards and more extreme weather patterns could form in coming days.

You think El Nino is a brat…until you meet his little sister!


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