Australian Floods Update

We are on floodwatch as water is released from the Wivenho Dam and will create floods in Brisbane tomorrow and Thursday. Our home is safe, but my kids all live in Brisbane. Hopefully they will be safe, but so many people have been hit with incredible tragedies in Queensland already. 10 people are confirmed dead, 4 of them young children,  there are 78 unaccounted for, and grave fears are held for the safety of 18 others missing in flooding conditions in Queensland. The majority of deaths have occurred in Toowoomba and Grantham which were hit by a wall of water which has been described as ‘an inland Tsunami,’ on January 10th at about 2:30PM (see video footage below)

We’re appealing for anyone who can, to please donate to the flood relief appeal to help Queensland to recover from these tragic situations.


3 thoughts on “Australian Floods Update

  1. Oh I am so sorry to have let this tragedy fall off my radar. I can barely imagine how devestating this has been for your country and people. We get caught up in our own dramas and forget that others are struggling with massive horrors of their own. I sure hope your family does okay. Blessings.

    • Thanks, Sherry. So far we are all safe and sound and my kids are all looking for ways that they can volunteer and assist those less fortunate, as would I, if I was nearer to the worst affected areas and able-bodied. The death toll continues to rise as rescuers locate bodies, but the number of missing persons has been revised down to 67 now.

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