QLD floods: Man rescues kangaroo

An Ipswich man named Raymond Cole has shot to fame in Australia after pictures were released of him braving floodwaters in Ipswich Queensland to rescue a joey (baby) kangaroo from the floods near his home. Raymond says he was with about 50 other people, watching the flooded Bremer River when they spotted the joey struggling […]


Everywhere I go lately, I see, or hear this word. Simplicity. It’s starting to feel like there’s something in it. Some message that I am supposed to be hearing. It’s becoming insistent, hard to ignore when the word shows up over and over and in just about every place I go. What does it mean? […]

Brisbane Flood Photos

The following photos were taken by my daughter’s partner in the early days of the flood crisis in Brisbane Australia. You can view the originals at http://www.flickr.com/photos/iainbrock/sets/72157625798313964/ Brisbane City, several days before the floods Brisbane’s Floating walkway, one of the sections with foundations rather than floatations The black object further out in the river is […]

More Flood News

As of this morning, the official death toll in Queensland, Australia stands at 12 with 67 still unaccounted for (down from 90). Two more bodies were located in the Grantham area early today, both males and neither of them had been previously listed as missing. There are still grave concerns held for the safety of […]