Holiday Weight Gain

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I think we all tend to put on a few extra kilo’s over the holidays, even me. I let myself go mad at Christmas time and just eat whatever I want to, and that is kind of from the end of November until the Christmas week.

This year, I bought a lot of really nice quality chocolate as a treat. I got it on special and bought way more than I would normally eat, and utterly pigged out on it! The result of that, was that I gained about 3kg (6pds).

For those who don’t know, I used to weigh 120kg (264pds) and lost 54kg (118pds)

Since losing all the weight, even gaining a few extra kilograms makes me feel very sluggish and bloated these days, so when I feel I’ve put on some weight, it doesn’t take me long to pull myself back into line and eat better so that the gained weight will come off again.

Since Christmas Day, I have already lost 1.5kg (3.3pds) and I plan to get back to my target healthy weight of 65kg as quickly as possible. I need to lose a little over 2kg (4pds) to achieve that, and it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Has anyone else gained a few pounds over the holidays? How are you planning to deal with that?



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