Meg’s 23rd Psalm


prayer (Psalm 23:1)

Image by EvelynGiggles via Flickr


This variation of Psalm 23 came to me while I was reflecting on the recent events in my life, this morning.

I hope others will find it enjoyable.

With love as my guide I can never fail,
For love gives me rest when I am weary
It will sustain me in dry times.
Love restores my strength.
Love guides me to do the right thing
For the sake of others

Even though gloom and depression may shadow my days
I will not be afraid
For love’s presence is ever beside me
Love gives me strength for the journey.

Love is a feast in the face of adversity
It makes my face light up with joy
Loves satisfies my soul.

I know that goodness and love will always be with me
Love will provide a home for me
With love, my future is secure.

(a paraphrase of Psalm 23 by Meg Britton)


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