Seeking Serenity

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I need more serenity in my life, and to stop moping about on the ‘can’t do’s’ and start to look for the ‘can do’s’ that are available to me. Time to pull myself back together and start to change myself and my surroundings… this has become a familiar refrain over the past few months and here I am, back at the same hurdle again. *sigh*

When will I just get the lesson through my noggin and into my heart. It’s one thing to know what is needed in my head, but I need to translate that from head knowing to heart knowing. So I think some actual steps need to be taken, breaking this down into a few little goals might be helpful.

This is what I have thought of so far.

1. Listen to more music. Classical, praise and worship, anything that will soothe the savage beasts that are my thoughts at times and keep me on the level.

2. Be present for Sandra. I know I need to work on that more.

3. Get involved with a church. Not just to go and warm a seat each Sunday, but to try and find ways I can be involved with that church, maybe in visitation or something. That’s where my heart is and I have done that before.

4. Get involved in some voluntary work–this could form a part of step two

5. Maybe pick up a course or two. I’ve wanted to teach adult literacy for a long time, why not take a course in it. I’d also like to teach English as a second language. TESOL is a course I could look into.

6. Eat better and rest more.

7. Try to write something. It’s been ages since I wrote anything more than a blog post and I have an unfinished novel languishing on my hard drive which would bring me in a little more cash if I got off my rear end and submitted it to my publisher.

8.  Restart my podcast, and post a regular episode. (I am planning to post one every other week if possible, but at least one a month!)

I think that’s a bit to keep me going for a while, so I will leave it at that, for now, and maybe add to this list as time goes on.


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